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Stay current with all of the hottest things to do in Kalamazoo by reading Airways News. Learn about upcoming attractions, special deals and our latest games. Whether you’re interested in black light bowling, mini golf, go karts or laser tag, in Kalamazoo, there’s no better place to be than Airway Fun Center!

Locked Up, Live

If recent weather has you feeling like you’re locked up, live escape rooms at Airway Fun Center are what you need! A challenging change of environment, our escape games are certain to test your wits, push your intellect to its limit, and – perhaps best of all – help you shed that feeling of being stuck in the house. Winter can be a difficult season, especially when the heavy snow hits. It’s tough to motivate yourself to leave the house, the roads are messy, and – often – we’re drained of the ambition to do, well, much of anything. Thankfully, there’s an answer to your winter woes right here in town!

Fun Things to Do in Kalamazoo

Are you struggling to find fun things to do in Kalamazoo this winter? Are you flat out tired of being cold and wet? Are you desperately searching for an exciting evening out but want to stay close to home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll be glad to know that Airway Fun Center has you covered! No matter your preferences – thrilling or relaxing, low-key or dramatic – you can be confident that you’ll find something to enjoy at Airway. More importantly, you can rest easy knowing that our activities can keep your entire group of family, friends, or coworkers entertained, engaged, and – best of all – warm!

Locked Up, Live

With the long weekend ahead, why not experience the excitement of being locked up, live, all the cards stacked against you, and everything on the line at Airway Fun Center? Now offering the best selection of escape games in Kalamazoo, Airway Fun Center is the go-to place for thrilling, engaging family fun! From the crushing difficulty of our submarine adventure, “Under Pressure” to the laid back – but still challenging – medical crisis in “Antidote,” we’re certain that you’ll find a game that will whisk your family away to a world of high adventure! In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the escape rooms available at Airway Fun Center.

Things to Do in Kalamazoo

With the winter weather slowly rolling in, it’s time to starting thinking of fun things to do in Kalamazoo over what may – unfortunately – be a long season of snow, ice, and frost. Well, if you’re local and concerned about missing out on exciting activities in the city: fear not! Airway Fun Center offers a wide range of engaging, family-friendly, and one-of-a-kind activities that are certain to keep everyone in your household entertained. Whether you’re the active, thrill-seeking type or the type to while away a lazy Sunday with a good meal and good company, we’re confident that you’ll find something you love at Airway. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few of the activities that we have on offer.

Get Locked Up, Live!

Everyone in Kalamazoo is talking about being locked up, live and in stereo, at Airway Fun Center! With a wide range of thrilling escape rooms, from the historical Cuban Crisis to the tech-driven Th3 C0d3, we're confident that everyone will enjoy testing their wits, reflexes, and quick-thinking skills. In case you haven't heard, Escapology is an awesome activity for visitors of all ages! It allows you to experience being trapped, with only your intelligence to save you from a range of puzzles and problems.

Fun Things to Do in Kalamazoo

If you're over the age of 21 and looking for hopping, exciting, and fun things to do in Kalamazoo, then the Taproom at Airway Fun Center is the place to be! Carrying a wide selection of Michigan's best brews, including offerings from Latitude 42, Bell's, and Gonzo's, our Taproom is guaranteed to be of interest to both beer aficionados and weekend dabblers. In today's post, we're going to look closer at a few of the reasons that Airway's Taproom is the best choice for anyone looking for fun things to do in Kalamazoo!

Locked Up Escape Rooms

If you've ever fancied the idea of puzzling your way out of being locked up, escape rooms are a great way to experience that thrill. Are you a puzzle solver? A clue gatherer? Do you have an innate ability to wiggle your way out of tough situations? If so, the escape rooms at Airway Fun Center are for you! With a range of themed rooms available, we're confident that you'll find thrills, chills, and adventure in a historical setting, a high-tech cyber setting, or a thrilling scientific setting. In today's post, we're going to discuss a few of the rooms available at Airway Fun Center.

Things to Do in Kalamazoo

When school lets out, many children are content to sit in the living room, playing video games or whiling away hours on the computer. And, while a little time in front of a screen isn't such a bad thing, it's important to get out of the house, create new experiences, and explore new, fun things to do in Kalamazoo. Thankfully, you're not too far away from the area's leading provider of activities, games, and family fun! In today's post, we're going to take a look at a few ways you can get the family out of the house – together – and create some exciting, memorable moments.

Fun Things to Do in Kalamazoo

Have you been searching for fun things to do in Kalamazoo during the week? Need a few exciting, engaging ways to break up the workweek? Got a couple of friends heading into town and need a way to keep a group of people with diverse interests entertained? If so, then this is the blog post you've been looking for! Offering a broad range of activities, Airway Fun Center is Kalamazoo's favorite weekday destination for fun, friendship, and great food. In today's post, we're going to look at a handful of activities that can turn a humdrum workweek into a memorable event.

Things to Do in Kalamazoo

With summer on the horizon, people are starting to look for fun things to do in Kalamazoo. Our city offers ample opportunities, from food truck rallies to events in the park. But, what if you've got a family of diverse interests? What if one activity isn't enough to keep everyone engaged? What if you want thrills and excitement but your spouse wants relaxation and quality food? Well, in those cases, Airway Fun Center is the place to be! With more activities and attractions than you can shake a stick at, we're confident that no family member, coworker, or friend will be left behind.