Get Locked Up! Escape Rooms at Airway Fun Center are a Thrilling Adventure

Locked Up Escape Rooms

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If you’ve ever fancied the idea of puzzling your way out of being locked up, escape rooms are a great way to experience that thrill. Are you a puzzle solver? A clue gatherer? Do you have an innate ability to wiggle your way out of tough situations? If so, the escape rooms at Airway Fun Center are for you! With a range of themed rooms available, we’re confident that you’ll find thrills, chills, and adventure in a historical setting, a high-tech cyber setting, or a thrilling scientific setting. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss a few of the rooms available at Airway Fun Center.

Budapest Express

Aboard a trans-European train, there is a knock on your door: a passenger has been murdered! Puzzle your way through this exciting historical adventure that requires you to trace the steps of a vile murderer, all while avoiding becoming his next victim!

Th3 C0d3

Hunt the world’s most notorious hacker in this high-tech adventure that thrusts you into the lair of Nitr0, an ill-intentioned hacker bent on perpetrating a massive heist. In sixty minutes, you’ll be tasked with disabling his program, cracking his codes, and avoiding taking the fall for Nitr0’s cybercrime!

Cuban Crisis

Sneak into Fidel Castro’s palace in Cuba, find a hidden office, and solve the mystery of a downed plane in this puzzling adventure that asks you to solve riddles, gather clues, and secure essential intelligence that will prevent a global catastrophe.

At Airway Fun Center, we’ve got a lot of options for people looking to experience being locked up. Escape rooms are a great way to stretch your mental muscles, work challenging problems, and get your adrenaline rushing! If you’ve been searching for a thrilling adventure in Kalamazoo, be sure to visit us this week!