Get Locked Up! Live Escape Rooms and Thrilling Adventures at Airway Fun Center

Get Locked Up, Live!

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Everyone in Kalamazoo is talking about being locked up, live and in stereo, at Airway Fun Center! With a wide range of thrilling escape rooms, from the historical Cuban Crisis to the tech-driven Th3 C0d3, we’re confident that everyone will enjoy testing their wits, reflexes, and quick-thinking skills. In case you haven’t heard, Escapology is an awesome activity for visitors of all ages! It allows you to experience being trapped, with only your intelligence to save you from a range of puzzles and problems.

If you’ve been looking for a fun, engaging activity for the whole family, you can be confident that our escape rooms will rise to the challenge. Our guests are constantly telling us that there’s nothing like the experience of being locked up live, outside of a video game. In fact, many of our younger guests marvel at the realism of our escape rooms: there’s just no comparison between fiddling with icons on a screen and solving real problems with your wits and hands.

In addition to our awesome escape rooms, we offer a wide range of activities, allowing you to turn a thrilling afternoon into a relaxing evening. After you break yourself free from Fidel Castro’s palace – or a prized submarine – we’d encourage you to stop into our Taproom for some great, handcrafted food. Then, why not top the night off with a few rounds of bowling? No matter what your – or your family’s – interests, you can be certain that Airway Fun Center can deliver a memorable experience.

At Airway Fun Center, we’re proud to offer fun, thought-provoking activities for the entire family. Whether you’re looking for an evening of excitement or a more subdued, laid back afternoon, our activities can deliver! So, if you’re searching for a way to entertain the whole family, we encourage you to stop on in!