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Escape rooms are a dramatic new attraction at Airway Fun Center that allow you to experience being locked up, live, with only harrowing handful of minutes to escape. Taking the country by storm, these ingenious escape games are designed to challenge players to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape within a specified time limit. Great as a corporate team building exercise, room escape games build trust, reward cooperation and – most of all – offer families, coworkers and friends a number of new, exciting things to do in Kalamazoo.

Offering Seven unique challenges, Airway Fun Center is the area's only destination for room escape games. From the hidden mysteries in Mansion Murder to the historical events presented in the Arizona Shootout, we're confident that our escape rooms will provide our guests with an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience!

Hours: Monday thru Thursday Noon - 9:00PM, Friday & Saturday 11:00AM - Midnight, Sunday 12:00PM - 7:00PM

Pricing:  $25.95 per person (Monday - Thursday); $29.95 per person (Friday - Sunday)

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  • Airway Fun Center Escape room

    Lost City NOW OPEN!!

    **Difficulty Level 7.6/10 

    South American Jungle, 2015 Archibald Tucker was one of the greatest explorers of the 1930s. His tales of adventure were known the world over and his prized journal documented every adventure. While exploring an abandoned temple in The Lost City, he uncovered a treasure so rare, no man alive had seen it! A sudden gust of wind slams the temple door shut - sealing Tucker and his journal inside! Both were never seen again.Your team of treasure hunters decide it’s time to finish Tucker’s quest. Armed with the latest technology, your research points you to the exact whereabouts of the lost journal which holds the secrets to finding the treasure. In your backpacks you’ve brought all the materials essential for your adventure! You approach the temple confidently, but once inside angered spirits awaken and deem you unworthy of the riches held within. As a test, they grant you 60 minutes to prove your worth. You must work logically, interact with everything you find and solve puzzles to uncover the treasure! If you fail, the door will be sealed once more and you will surely perish!Can you locate the journal, find the treasure and escape the temple before it’s too late? Time is of the essence!

  • Antidote Escapology


    **Difficulty Level 6.6/10 (This is an Entry Level Room)

    As a high-ranking chemical weapons specialist, your worst nightmare has become a reality: a fellow team member has gone rogue and provided foreign powers with deadly information about a potent – and wildly dangerous – virus. Worse yet, your team has been infected and total decontamination – read: elimination – of all biological organisms will begin in sixty minutes! You must rely on your team, training and observational skills to unlock a series of secrets that will allow you to formulate an antidote, escape the facility and save mankind!

  • Arizona Shootout 

    **Difficulty Rating 7/10

    Tombstone, Arizona, October 26, 1881. It’s 2:55 in the afternoon, you, Wyatt Earp, and three other marshals are sitting inside the O.K. Corral Saloon discussing the latest series of crimes that are blamed on the local cowboy outlaws. Looking out from the window of the saloon, you see 5 outlaws riding into town on their horses and heading toward the saloon, including the notorious Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury. When Billy and Frank draw their pistols, you know it is going to be a fight for your life.  After the dust settles, 3 bodies lay in front of you. Quickly, you notice two of your people are injured but the rest are unharmed. The marshals have won the fight! However, there is some bad news: the other 2 outlaws are no where to be found. The marshals must quickly identify who has been shot and who is on the run. You will have 60 minutes to complete this task or the 2 outlaws will surely escape to Mexico! Do you have what it takes to complete your mission?

  • Budapest Express- Escape Room Adventure at Airway Fun Center

    Budapest Express

    **Difficulty Level 8.2/10 (This is a difficult room. Not recommended for guests under 16)

    Aboard the trans-European Budapest Express, you are a famous French detective en route to a conference on crime scene forensics. In the dead of night, there is a knock on your door. The train's manager informs you that a passenger has been murdered! To complicate matters, the murderer is aware of your presence and, throughout your investigation, stalks you from car to car intending to make you their next victim. As the train nears its next stop, you must leverage the considerable powers of your wits, wisdom and training to identify the killer and bring him to justice!

  • Shanghaied Escapology


    **Difficulty Level 8.2/10 (This is a difficult room. Not Recommended for guests under 16)

    Hong Kong, December 26, 1848. You have been relaxing in Hong Kong harbour celebrating Christmas and a friendly man has befriended you and started to buy you drinks. That is the last thing you remember that night.The next day you wake aboard the huge 3-masted 800-ton Chinese ship called the Keying that has set sail on the arduous and risk filled journey to the United States and Britain around the perilous Cape Horn.You quickly realize that you have been fooled by the King of the Crimps, Joseph "Bunko" Kelly and forcefully drafted to work with the ships company of 12 British and 30 Cantonese sailors.Ahead lies months, if not years, of dangerous, unhealthy, unsanitary conditions with little hope of pay. After weeks on the open sea, an impending storm drives the ship to seek refuge on a small island known to the locals as Samui.While in the ship’s mess hall, you start to hear a familiar sea song: “Way ay up she rises, way ay up she rises, way ay up she rises early in the morning.” The crew is starting to prepare the ship to set sail!Looking around the room, you make eye contact with a few of your shipmates, everyone quickly realizes, now is your only chance to escape! The Keying will set sail again in an hour as the tide waits for no man.Your Captain, Charles Alfred Kellett, is no fool and it will not be easy to escape for he has rigged many obstacles.The risks are high. If caught, you face a lifetime of punishment or worse, you could be hanged! The next 60 minutes will change your life forever.You and your shipmates, must solve the clues, answer the riddles, find the hidden map, and get off the ship. Leave no stone unturned and above all, don’t forget to watch the clock for time is of the essence! Do you have what it takes to escape the clutches of Captain Kellett?

  • Mansion Murder - Escape Room Adventure at Airway Fun Center

    Mansion Murder 

    **Difficulty Rating 9/10 (This is a difficult room. Not recommended for guests under 16)

    You are Robert Montgomerie, the only remaining direct heir to the Kildermorie Estate and the Montgomerie family fortune. You’re attending a family gathering, hosted by your Grandfather, Hugh ‘Monty’ Montgomerie, the 9th Earl of Kildermorie to celebrate the dawn of the new Millennium. As the guests raise a toast, a scream fills the air…Your Grandfather is found dead in the library - and it looks like MURDER! Suddenly, you’re bundled into the Drawing Room and the door is locked. Confused, you bang on the door and call for help until it dawns on you... that as the direct heir, all fingers are pointed at you! Can you gather enough evidence and piece the story together to prove your innocence?

  • Escapology - Under Pressure

    Under Pressure

    **Difficulty Level 9/10 (This is a difficult room. Not Recommended for guests under 16)

    The North Atlantic, June 21, the year is 1944; the height of World War II. The US Navy is fighting to establish a position of dominance over the enemy. Tensions are high and the crew is on maximum alert. You are onboard the Steel Shark - the US Navy’s prized submarine, deep in the North Atlantic Ocean on a vitally important mission to spy on the German Battle Cruiser, Scheer. The mission is going smoothly until, without warning, the submarine plunges into the sea. The engines have died and pressure in the cabin is quickly increasing. The hull is cracking under the immense pressure of the seabed and, without power, only 60 minutes of reserve oxygen remains! You and the crew must act quickly so you can continue your mission. If you succeed, you’ll not only survive but will surely become national heroes. Looking around you begin to discover clues that lead you to believe this wasn’t an accident, but sabotage by German secret agents. They have removed six oxygen silos and hidden them around the ship. You’ll need to scour the mess hall, rummage through the control room, and uncover the silos to repair the steel Shark.

    Can you reinstate the power and help the Steel Shark back to the surface before the entire crew perishes? Oxygen is already running out!

    Escapology Package Deals

    All Aboard for Paris

    • 1 Escape Room (up to 6 people) 
    • 1 Hour of Bowling 
    • 30 Minute Unlimited Arcade Cards for 6 people
    • 1 Game of Laser Tag (up to 6 people) 
    • 2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas 
    • 2 Pitchers of Pop 

    $279.95 per package ($310 value)


    Set Sail for Hong Kong

    • 1 Escape Room (up to 6 people) 
    • 1 Hour of Bowling 
    • 2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas 
    • 2 Pitchers of Pop 

    $224.95 per package ($250 value)


    Plane to Havana

    • 1 Escape Room (up to 6 people) 
    • 30 Minute Unlimited Arcade Cards for 6 people
    • 2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas 
    • 2 Pitchers of Pop 

    $199.95 per package ($231 value)


    Escapology Birthday Bash

    • 1 Escape Room
    • 1 Hour in a Private Party Room
    • 2 Jumbo Slices of Pizza per person
    • Bottomless Pop
    • 1 Premium Activitiy (Laser Tag, Virtual Rabbids, Mini Golf, Go Kart, Gyroscope, or Rock Wall)
    • $5 Fun Card per person
    • Escapology T-Shirt for Birthday Guest of Honor
    • Personal Party Host

    $279.95 for 6 guests ($375 Value!)
    Reccommended for ages 9-15