Sent down from outer space and outfitted with alien technology, RAID brings you closer to space than ever with an immersive storyline.

RAID features two different game modes:

  • Game Mode 1:
    • Self Destruct Sequence: Lit alien symbols must be touched around the walls to activate the sequence, while player-detecting lasers must be avoided to ensure safe escape. Multiple city locations offer different levels of difficulty, including game mode of 1-2 players. As the self-destruct progresses, the challenge is to reach symbols in increasingly complicated spots while avoiding the increasing number of lasers.
  • Game Mode 2:
    • Memory Master: Players race against the clock as they complete patterned sequences under a time crunch. After choosing their level of difficulty inside the Game Chamber, players work as a team (1-4 players) to recreate sequences of tones and symbols lit up on the walls. Successful sequences unlock the next level – while failure means they’ll have to repeat it! As levels progress, sequences get faster and longer for a greater challenge.
RAID Memory Master

$3 per person