Find Fun Team Building Activities in Kalamazoo

When you’re looking to strengthen your team’s dynamics, there’s no better way to help bring a team together than with fun and engaging activities that can strengthen their teamwork skills. Featuring a number of great activities and attractions at our location in Kalamazoo, when you are looking for some of the best activities to bring your team closer together, you can find a number of excellent team building activities at the Airway Fun Center.

Whether you’re looking for activities that help strengthen your teams’ collaborative skills with cooperative puzzles and challenges, or through games and friendly competition, there’s nowhere better to bring your team together than the Airway Fun Center.

Work Together to Solve Puzzles in our Escapology Escape Rooms

When you’re looking for a challenge that can help bring your team together, there’s nothing quite like an escape room. Featuring 9 different scenarios that can challenge your team’s collaborative and puzzle solving skills, the escapology rooms at the Airway Fun Center can provide your team with a fun challenge that encourages them to work together.

Enjoy a Game with of Bowling With Your Team

Whether you’re throwing a company party or are looking to simply help bring your team together through friendly competition against another team, bowling offers a great opportunity for team building. With over 40 lanes, including a VIP Bowling suite with a taproom, your team can enjoy a classic game, and relax with good food and a cold drink at the Airway Fun Center.

Take On Other Teams In Our Laser Tag Arena

If you’re looking for a high-octane challenge to help strengthen your teamwork, you can find an exciting and unforgettable experience as your team takes on friendly opposition in our in our laser tag arena. Bringing your staff together to compete as one, laser tag is an excellent opportunity to practice coordination and teamwork skills while having fun. Newly remodeled and expanded to create a thrilling sci-fi experience, the Airway Fun Center features the largest laser tag arena in Kalamazoo.

When you are looking to strengthen your team’s camaraderie, kinship, and trust, you can find a number of great team building challenges and games at the Airway Fun Center in Kalamazoo. With different packages that can provide a great experience for groups of any size, whether you’re working in a small establishment, or a large office, you can bring your team closer together with an unforgettable day at the airway fun center. Book our team building activities online or contact us today to learn more about how you can strengthen your team’s dynamics with the games and activities at the Airway Fun Center!