Weather Got You Locked Up? Live Escape Rooms at Airway Fun Center are the Answer!

If recent weather has you feeling like you’re locked up, live escape rooms at Airway Fun Center are what you need! A challenging change of environment, our escape games are certain to test your wits, push your intellect to its limit, and – perhaps best of all – help you shed that feeling of being stuck in the house. Winter can be a difficult season, especially when the heavy snow hits. It’s tough to motivate yourself to leave the house, the roads are messy, and – often – we’re drained of the ambition to do, well, much of anything. Thankfully, there’s an answer to your winter woes right here in town!

Located right on the main roads in Portage, Michigan, Airway Fun Center is a breeze to get to, even in the coldest, snowiest of weather. Once you cross our threshold, you’re in a warm, relaxing environment that offers enough activities to keep you – and your family – entertained for hours. A great way to ride out a particularly cold evening, our escape rooms give you the opportunity to bond with friends, family, and coworkers alike. Using your knowledge, experience, and quick wits, you’re tasked with breaking out of one of five challenging rooms. We’re confident that even the most frigid of evenings can be thawed by our riveting techno-thriller “Th3 C0d3” or intriguing historical mystery of, “Cuban Crisis.”

At Airway Fun Center, we know how difficult Michigan’s winters can be. That’s why we offer the opportunity to get locked up, live in our thrilling escape rooms! More importantly, we offer a broad range of activities that will engage the minds of your entire family: bowling, laser tag, mini golf, and Painting with a Twist. If you’ve been searching for a way to heat up in this cold, cold winter, be sure to plan your visit to Airway Fun Center this week!